Friday, December 7, 2012

Feeling Accomplished!

Today I feel a feeling of accomplishment!  I got the rest of my Christmas cards sent out.  I love Christmas because its the one time of year when I get to send out cards. Christmas Cards are becoming a lost art as our society depends more and more on social media. When I was a kid I loved to go to our family mail box and get the cards out of the box. When we got home mom would let me open them and I loved to see the shiny glittery festive colors.

When I was old enough to make my own money I started mailing out Christmas cards to my family. Then when Sammy and I got married I was so excited because I got to add a whole more people to my card list. I just love stuffing envelopes with my own personal holiday cheer. I guess I just have that hope that when someone opens their Christmas card they are as happy to receive it as I am to send it.

With that being said, I was so excited yesterday to receive a large package in the mail. Last month I joined a charm swap from one of my yahoo groups. The package had all sorts of lovely charms sent from all over the United States. I put them on my chain but haven't had a chance to put the clasp on yet. I will defiantly do another swap in the future!

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