Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Yesterday was my 31st Birthday.  It was wonderful.  For my birthday I bought myself a new Kindle Fire.  I already own a kindle but I wanted the kindle fire because it is smaller than my original Kindle and it has a color screen so I could look at magazines.  I started reading a new book on it and LOVE it. 
My hubby got me a really pretty pink and orange case for it.

I had to go to the Orthodontist today and I just threw that little thing in my purse and read while I was in the chair waiting for the dentist.  It was delightful.


Edwina said...

First Happy Birthday for yesterday, I have just found you on you tube and I love your videos you make everything look sooo much fun and I want to make the montee earrings and have to source the ingredients in England .

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kelly. I hope you enjoy your new kindle.


tjs place said...

happy late birthday to you

Teri C said...

Glad you had an awesome birthday Kelly! I've been thinking about getting one of those kindle things... enjoy the rest of your day!

Teri C.