Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabric Flower Crazy!

Ok so a few months ago I bought a great tutorial from aSundayGirl on on how to make fun fabric flowers. Since then I have become fabric flower crazy! I started out making just a few and made necklaces out of them. I priced them and put four out for sale. The day I put them out I sold three of them! I have been busy since then trying to get more flowers made so that I can made more necklaces. I have my assembly worked out pretty good. I take one afternoon and cut out all my circles, iron them, and then pin them together. Then I put all my pinned pieces in a bag and while we are at the ballgames. Then once all flowers are made then I take one day and put all of them together for necklaces, pendants, or hair clips. I love these flowers!

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