Thursday, January 7, 2010

30 Pounds! today I started working out with my new trainer, David.  My whole body hurts already!  Anyways, last night I was looking at my pictures and I found this picture of Sammy and I from two summers ago.  My face was so thin and my hair had some actual length to it.  I think I looked pretty hot in this picture.  But I remember, at the time, thinking how over weight I was.  Now 2 years later I am 30 pounds heavier and my face is no longer thin and my hair is beginning to have a little lenth to it. Why is it that when things are good we think there not? I should have been really happy to be the size that I was but i was constantly conscious about my weight.  Well today I could have cried when I stepped on the scales and seen the number.  To get to my goal weight I will have to lose 150 pounds!  HOLY CRAP thats a lotta weight. That's a whole nother person!  Well, i'm just going to have to suck it up and start the process of weight loss.  I feel like I have taken the first step, now I just have to figure out a good eating plan. I am not going to do like I normally do and ban things from my life.  I am simply going to eat less of it!  So, as 2010 progresses I hope you will follow me through my beading and weight loss journey.

PS.  I am already working on the next try-it-tuesday.  Hopefully I will have pics to post tomorrow or Saturday.

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