Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Beach Trip

Sammy and I ran away to the beach this past weekend. One of my favorite things to do while I am on vacation is to look for stores that make beaded jewelry so that I can get some new ideas. One of my favorite places to do this is Vanity. It is a wonderful accessories store! I love their jewelry and always get some great ideas to bring home with me.

I also love a store called Gemini Boutique. They sell Vera Bradley and my new favorite jewelry line, Brighton. Brighton is mostly handmade and the company is famous for their jewelry and handbags. They make beautiful beaded and sterling jewelry. I bought two pieces while I was on Vacation this time. If you have never heard of Brighton you should defently check it out online or stop by the store next time your in Myrtle Beach. I know what your thinking...Kelly, you make jewelry why are you buying it? Well I love Brighton Jewelry because they have lots of charms on them. Brighton Jewelry makes me happy inside and it makes me remember things that have happened in my life.

While on Vacation I worked on making the ring pictured below. It is by Marsha DeCoster. I took a class from her in August and she had on a ring just like it. I wanted the pattern so bad but she told me that it was going to be in her new book and that she couldn't give out instructions. Well, in last months issue of Beadwork there was a patter in there for a bracelet. I made one link and added a ring band and tada! I have a new ring! I love it but this first one took me 4 hours. I hope they get quicker as I want lots of them!

When we arrived home from Vacation I was suprised to find 4 large boxes waiting on me at the shop. They are mixed media products that I ordered back in February. They just now came back in stock and sent them to me. I am so excited and cannot wait until I can play with them to show you guys what cool jewelry you can make.

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