Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring and Summer 2009 Colors

I love looking and searching for what's going to be hot for the upcoming season. According to the analists the colors pictured are going to be the hot colors for the spring and summer of 2009. I am loving the royal fuchsia, fire brick, deep sea blue, candy apple, aqua sky, and concord grape! I am going to be working the next couple of weeks making sure that we have these colors in stock. Speaking of these beautiful colors, we have quite a few new flower bells and leaves in these colors. They are part of a new mixture series that we got in today. We got in 35 new mixes of 6mm flower bells and leaf beads. I can't wait until this weekend so that I can get my hands on them and make something fabulous out of them! I have a great spring bracelet planned and who can live without earrings?
Our gemstone Trunk Show started today. We have some beautiful pieces that are going to look great in a piece of jewelry. I sneaked home a wonderful fossil coral cabochon that I am going to make a ring out of tonight. You know I have to have something fabulous to wear that I made using some of the trunk show pieces. Everytime I do that I sell 10 times as much merchandise. I will try to finish it tonight and post a picture of it tomorrow.


Lois said...

Love the color chart. All the pretty colors make you feel good....also love your previous blog with the beautiful pink bloom.

Paula said...

Geee wonder how many of these colors I can get on one bead. : ))