Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Bead Alert!!!

We have some wonderful beads coming in this week! I have ordered some beautiful flower bell and leaf strands. The beads are complemtary color mixes and will have 50 beads on a strand. I am so excited because they are to die for eye candy. With spring on it's way, we will be stocking tons of new beads with spring flair. Also arriving are some wonderful new mixed media items. Shrink Plastic should be arriving this week and I can't wait to play with it. We did a few shrink plastic charms in the class I took a few weeks ago at Random Arts and I was hooked. You guys are going to love this fun medium.

We also got a new shipment of Buttons in this week. As the ecomony seems to worsen we are trying to find alternatives to some of your favorite products. Many of you like to use Swarovski Buttons, the only problem being that they can get pricey. Thus the need for a new bead alternative. We are working with a company that only supples buttons to bead stores so you won't find these buttons at a big box store. The best part is....they are super affordable.

Be sure to check back often for new updates.


Lois said...

Always love your blog. Can't wait for the new spring beads. Thanks for all the wonderful classes also. Always learning is a great way to work your brain!!! LOL See you soon at "Off The Beaded Path Bead Store".

Kimberly said...

The chandelier reminds me of a crown! But
I also see the 'constellation' necklace
U made last year. Instead of wires &
Crystals going all around the necklace,
I see end to end crystals with the wires
& crystals being focal. I have a little
Trivia for u Mz Kelly. Why do most of the
houses in Charleston have opposite
staircases? Love ya!

Anonymous said...


The chandelier is beautiful. It made me think of crystals and wire with the wire work bent in shapes so the crystals look as if they are suspended in air. It amazes me the things you see in what so many of us would just look at and comment on it's beauty without thinking of how we could incorporate it into beadwork. You are truly a TALENTED young woman.

Can't wait to see what you come up with as the 'Chandelier Necklace'!!

Dianne C