Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Products

We have been getting tons of new products in this week at the store. As stated in a previous post, I want to be able to carry things that no one else in our county does. One of the new things that we got in this week are wooden bangles. These bangles come in all sizes and shapes and can be painted, wire wrapped, or you can add beads and embellishments to them. I love them because I have large hands and it is hard to find bangles that fit great. The bangles that came in this week come in small, medium, large, and x-large so that they will fit anyone's hands! I have a great idea for the first one that I am going to do so be sure to check back sometime this week for a picture.

I had a chance to peek into a box that came in yesterday and it had heat guns, Melt Art Pots, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels, and some other suprises. The UTEE is a great way to make your own pendants or earrings as well as other jewelry projects. I am working on a class with them sometime in February or March.

My store is changing and I am so excited about it! I don't want to be just a store for regular beaders anymore. I mean it was great when it was just me but now there is another bead store in the county and they only cater to beaders too. I am going to cater to beaders, crafters, and alternative art crafters. I'm not going to do just bead classes anymore either. I am working on a series of classes for home furnishings that I think will go over great. I know people who love to bead but don't wear jewelry. They always give away or sell what they make. With the new home furnishings classes this gives them a way to bead and use what they make. I also have a few more suprieses up my sleeves if all the pieces fall into place. I am just going to wait a month or two and see what happens. Who knows what 2009 may bring!

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