Monday, December 8, 2008

Beading Excursion

I love going to Bead Stores. Not only do I love looking at the beads but it gives me great ideas about how to display things, new project ideas, customer service do's and don'ts, etc. Well, Friday my friend Kim and I went on a bead store excursion and on the way home it gave me a really great idea. When I travel around to bead stores all over the state I am going to write a review about the store here on my blog so that you guys will know which one's to visit and which one's to skip. I will tell you about the store, what I loved about it, what was bad about it, and how their prices were.
On Friday we first went to the greatest eclectic stamping and paper store called Random Arts in Saluda NC. It was the cuttest little store I have ever been in. It had a great entrance and when you go into the store it is an artist's heaven. And the can't get any nicer than these ladies! They knew how to run a store! They were very friendly and they had great product knowledge. They also helped to advertise other businesses on their block. They gave us some great recommendations for lunch and they told us about a few other businesses in their town. I love this because having a business in a small town, we have to help each other and advertise for each other. Word of mouth is the strongest advertising you can get.
From there we went to "My Garden Of Beadin" in Hendersonville. This is a really cute bead store that specializes in Vintage Beads and Findings. The store is small but they have a lot of stuff in it. They carry Swarovski and some chech glass beads. There prices are reasonable and the staff was nice. I saw a Montee ring that I loved and they allowed me to sit and make the ring while Kim was shopping. The only problem with the store is parking. There is a large parking lot at the end of the block but it was full and we had to drive around and wait for someone to leave so that we could get their space. Don't let parking keep you away though, because this is a bead store everyone should visit at least once.
I hope you guys enjoy this new blog idea. Also, be sure to check out my website at because we have added a new contest for January! And remember, as of today there are only 17 more days until Christmas!


random notes said...

Random Arts love you too! I am so happy that you liked our eclectic little shop in Saluda. Jen, who works here too will be visiting your store as she is the real beader here, along with Joyce. Thank you all so much for the kudos.
Jane @ random Arts in Saluda.

Paula said...

I’ve been to both stores I know Abby the owner of “My Garden of Beadin” from back in the days when we sold antiques together at the “Old Man” in Hendersonville. Love all her silver findings. I also took a class at Random Art’s and had a great time. Staff was great and very patient with this slow learner. : )) Sounds like you guys had a great road trip.