Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello Blogger World!

Hello Blogger World!
This is my first post to the new store blog. My name is Kelly and I own a Bead Shop in Forest City NC called Off The Beaded Path. With the rain we got today, it was a great day to bead. Too bad taht we didn't get to much beading done because we were too busy packaging up new beads. We go tons of new seed beads and Preciosa Crystals in today! The new colors scream fall! We got some great new olive and brown colors in Size 11 Seed Beads and we got about 22 new crystals in. Preciosa has just came out with new Celsian colors and they are a crystal lovers dream! If you have never seen a Preciosa crystal then you are missing out! They are similar to Swarovski but they are 1/2 the cost! At the store we sell a 4mm bicone Swarovski for .20 each. We are able to sell the Preciosa 4mm bicones in a 12pk for 1.25. They are selling great and our customers LOVE them! If you have never seen them before check your local bead store. If they do not have them be sure to ask them to stock them!

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Lois said...

Hello Blog World...this will be great. Nothing like staying in contact my favorite bead store. "Off The Beaded Path Bead Store" is the best. Thanks for the blogs. Lois