Monday, August 18, 2014

Goodwill obsessed!

They say that the fastest way to start the road to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. Well...My name is Kelly Dale and I'm obsessed with the Goodwill stores. It all started a few months back.

I was sitting at home one afternoon with Grayson watching 19 Kids and Counting. Now weather you agree or disagree with there choice to have so many kids, one thing is for sure...I love their family and christian values. This episode lead me to read their second book which talks a lot about how they are able to live and raise 19 kids. One thing that they spoke about was how they never buy clothes new. They shop at thrift stores for all their goods. I sat and started to think about the last time I went shopping and how much I spent on clothes. Being plus size I have to pay more for clothes and Lord help me if you shop at Lane Bryant or other name brand plus size stores where the cheapest shirt you can buy is $39.99! So, Goodwill shopping started off as a challenge to see if I could find clothes my size and if so how much money could I save.

After my first "real" shopping trip to Goodwill I was hooked. I found quite a few Lane Bryant pieces, a super cute Duck Head polo dress, and a few Cato brand shirts. I got all of these pieces for a fraction of what I would pay for it new. My new yellow Duck Head dress cost me $6.00 and I would have paid almost $50.00 for it brand new. It started out as a once a week trip. Now it seems like every time I pass a Goodwill I have to stop!

Above is the yellow Duck Head dress that I found on one of my first trips to Goodwill. I'm pairing it with white leggings that I found on Amazon, white strappy sandals from Shoe Show, and jewelry that I made. I'm wearing the Lovely Laurie hoops that can be found on my youtube page and a crystal cuff bracelet that was designed by Cathy Lampole. Both are made using Swarovski Turquoise 2xAB crystals.




LostnThought said...

I love shopping at Goodwill! I first started shopping there in my 20s when I worked in construction. I did roofing and it was horrible on jeans and even back then they weren't cheap so I started getting my jeans at Goodwill to save money. Back then there were only a few stores around here now there are at least 20 I can think of off the top of my head! I have a friend who found a Vera Wang wedding dress and paid less than $20 for it! She was ecstatic!

Barb T. said...

I loved thrift stores when we lived in the city. I found some of my favorite shirts in the mens dept.; just had to get used to buttoning backwards, lol. Don't forget to check out their jewelry, might be something you could take apart and use.

Anonymous said...

The goodwill is my obsession and my release. I love this place. Someone recently turned me on to it! I have donated there but never in a zillion years would I understand the type of precious gifts that you could find there. I had no clue. I will NEVER buy department store clothing again!!! But I must break my habit as its getting costly!

Michelle Gray said...

Y'all must have some really nice Goodwill stores by you. The 1 near me is not so great. The moment I walk in, the smell about knocks me out. It's not worth dealing with to search for the almost non-existent plus size selections there. I'll continue to donate to the store, but shopping there is a waste of time. :(