Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bead Along Started!

Another bead along has started! Here are the current pics I have received:

Ann Hushagen - Mississauga, ON
I used a luster mix of 4 mm firepolish, Metallic Brown Iris, and Bronzelined Black Diamond (my favorite colour!)


Here are the projects I have completed so far from A Beaded Romance. As you can see, my take on a couple of them is a little different.

Picot Petals Pendant: Size 15 Silver-lined Crystal and Silver-lined Light Sapphire
                    4mm bicone Sapphire
                     Dangle is odds and ends I had hanging around

Victorian Circles Bracelet: Size 11 Silver-lined Smoky Topaz; 4mm FP Silver-lined Bondi Blue

Fringed Bracelet: 3mm Pearls, Night Blue; 3mm Crystal Bicones, Light Sapphire; Size 11 Silver-lined Dark Cobalt and Frosted Silver-lined Light Sapphire; Size 15 Silver-lined Blue and Silver-lined Light Sapphire. For the clasp: Some blackish pearls I had lying around.


ACBeads said...

I love all of them. Thank you for posting.

flora castillo said...

They aré all beautifull What do I need to do so you can post my work ?I m a beeginer but Im trying really hard and Kelly how can I get your books