Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Had a wonderful day today!

I had the most wonderful day today.  Below is a picture of Marie. She learned of my videos from her friend Pat. Marie started making plans a few months ago to come and visit my store. It's always a humbling experience for me when someone calls and wants to come and visit. To know that someone enjoys my vidoes enough that they would take the time out of their vacation or schedule to come and see me is humbling. From the time Marie walked in the door today I felt like I had made a new wonderful friend. She stayed with me all day today and started making 3 lovely projects. In the picture below she is modeling one of her finished pieces. She was a wonderful student! Never in a million years did I think I would get to meet so many wonderful people through my videos. I love my job!

Oh by the way....I have had a lot of people asking. Thankfully I am feeling much better!  For now the sickness seems to have passed.  Thank you to everyone who said a little prayer for me! We got to hear the baby's heart beat on Wednesday.  Sammy is happy happy and excited as all get out.  Our family is now in the process of taking bets as to what the sex of the baby will be. I feel like it's a boy but a lot of people are thinking it's a girl. Guess we'll find out April 10th!


Nor Tantiana Ujang said...

Hi kelly,i'm ur fans from malaysia..congratulations about ur pregnancy..moms to be..

Sharon Haughton-Pearson said...

Big hug from St. Louis MO So happy morning sickness is over. Take care and God bless!