Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy first week of 2011

7 days into the new year already?  Gosh it seems like time is flying!  I had a great break at Christmas and New Years but this first week of the year has been really busy.  There is a show coming up at the Visual Arts Guild that I am trying to get jewelry made for.  We sold a ton of jewelry at Christmas so on top of trying to get things made for this show I need to be working on Jewelry for the store too! But as they say, if theres not feast theres famine.

On another note, I started Weight Watchers on Tuesday.  Not because it was the first of the year but because I need to do something about my weight for my health and it just seemed like the right time.  I would say the hardest part so far has been giving up my sodas.  I hate to even admit this but I was drinking 6 to 8 Coke's a day.  And now on the Weight Watchers plan 8oz of Coke is 3 points so needless to say, i only allow myself to have one 8oz can of coke a day now.  I miss the taste of coke but most of all right now I miss the caffeine.  My body is screaming at me for some good caffeine and sugar. I just feel really blah this week so it has made getting my work done much harder.  I am on day 4 though so hopefully my withdraws won't last too much longer and I can get back to business as usual.

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BeadAddictSLuna said...

And now, a year layer, look how great you are doing. I think, you can be a big motivation as an example of success in this story. You should be very proud of yourself. It takes a character!