Sunday, June 21, 2009

Current Projects

So I was on vacation last week and I worked on some really great projects. The first project I worked on was the purple Rivoli bracelet. I am totally in love with this design. I still have a few things that I can play with as far as the design elements go but all in all I love it. I also worked on making 4 other bracelets, 2 rings, and I worked on some metal stamping stuff. I am so into mixed media art right now that it's not even funny. At the end of the week I started working on a wonderful project in last months Bead and Button magazine. It is on page 72. It is a wonderful Herringbone necklace where you make lots or rings of Herringbone stitch and then you attach all of them together. It is going to take me about a month to make because I have already made 3 and I think if I sit down and make one a day that I can be done with it in 1 month. My color scheme is bronze and turquoise. It is going to be smashing when I am done. When I finish I will be sure to post a picture so that you can see.

I worked on teal and black post earrings this weekend. I made a black pair using 4mm's to wear to the Bead and Button show. Everyone had a fit for them so I made another pair so that I could write directions for them as I went. We have a little girl that goes to our church and she LOVES to wear earrings. I started to wonder what it would look like if I made the same pattern but used 3mm beads. Guess what? They are super cute and dainty. Perfect for a petite adult or a child. I posted a picture so you could see the size difference. I want to make a pink pair and a pair in the Crystal Capri Gold.

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