Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 1 at the NC Main Street Conference in Statesville NC

Well Today is day 1 at the NC Main Street Conference in Statesville NC. Today was a fun day all about Statesville. The Conference officially started at 3:00pm with a wonderful presentation by the Mayor of Statesville, Costi Kutteh. (Pictured Below) He told us the history or Statesville and things that happened in Statesville's history to make it so historic.

After the Mayors speech the Statesville High School Drumline did a wonderful presentation for the crowd. These guys and gals were great! I am going to work on getting them for our Christmas Parade this year because you would not believe how talented these kids are!

After the Drum Line performance we were ushered into a hall with this amazing mural. It is a Fresco Mural and is called "Images at the Crossroads." The 3 headed woman is a mythical god who embodies "crossroads." The image is amazing up close and it has so many details that make it something that you could sit and look at for hours. It is part of an 11 mural set that spans over the middle of NC. I got a pamphlet about it in my nifty new gift bag that we were given at the start of the show. I could defiantly get used to these shows because the bags was filled with all kinds of goodies. Not to mention the bag itself probably costs a good bit of money! I will try to post pics of the bag and goodies on tomorrow's blog.

After the mayors speech and the mural we went on a walking tour of statesville's central city area. They may be a bigger city but they are just like us. LOTS of empty buildings BUT great small businesses! Sammy and I went into two that are super noteworthy! One was "Express Yourself Stationary and Gifts." They had all sorts of little knick knack gifts as well as lots of beautiful stationary. They also did custom notes and invitations. We so need one of these in Forest City. The second store was a quilting store called "Needle and Thread." It was a small shop but they carried a great supply of fabric and quilting accessories! Not to mention...the staff was super nice and welcomed us with open arms! (Sammy was thrilled at the fact i dragged him to two chick stores!)

While on the tour we seen this beautiful Church. I love the look of old buildings and churches. They have some beautiful detail to them!

The below picture is what I would call Statesville's "town hall." It's not called that but town council meets there as well as other officials so it might as well be one. The reason I took this pic was for two reasons. One because it was a beautiful building but two because the movie "Leather Heads" starring George Clooney was filmed in parts of this building. Pretty cool huh?

After an afternoon of tours it was time for supper. Sammy and I went to Outback and had supper and then we went and saw "Bed Time Stories" with Adam Sandler. If you have not seen this movie you must go and see it! It is a clean movie and it is so funny I could have peeded in my pants. Did I mention that the movie theatre was right in front of our hotel? How cool is that? Well, my day has come to an end. I hope each of you had a great day! I will post new pics and news tomorrow. One more thing.....we have new surprise products arriving at the end of the week and I can't wait to play and show you guys what you can do with it!

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